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At the Murray State – Eastern Illinois game this weekend, they debuted the Murray State Anthem.

I think Matt Norlander of summed it up best.

“Titled, “Murray State Anthem,” the rap tune and video completely disembodies a lot of what Murray State basketball represents: slanted rhymes; half-interested players standing around on the gym floor; arrogant mascots; part-time frat boys/full-time white rappers; and Dick Vitale references.  Trubz ‘N’ Matlock, which is surely just nicknames for two dudes named Tristan and Matthew, have given the Murray State community a rallying cry. Let us all join in. Murray State Rrray-sirs! If Murray State winds up losing its next game, our answer is already known.”

  1. Joe_darnall:
    You media types (wink) are missing the point. This isn't for you guys, what with Perry Cuomo and Pat Boone fan clubs. This is for the players and the students, as well as for the simple fact that a guy like Norlander is talking about a Murray State commercial. This is more effective in spreading the name of Murray State than any other ad campaign for a school i've seen.
    • You make a good point, this is spreading the name, and getting Murray State more website mentions. That's as far as I'll go in complementing it haha. Actually, I appreciate the originality, and the video is surprisingly good...if I watch it on mute.
  2. Dan:
    I have a theory on why rap "music" is popular.   It's because anybody can do it.  Personally, I don't want to spend my time listening to music that I am capable of producing.  I'll stick to recordings by professionals who can write and perform something that sounds good.   Unfortunately, the guys on the racer forum are very critical of negative comments on this particular recording.  It's as if you were criticizing MSU or the basketball team.  I love Racer basketball.  I loath rap "music."  This recording will fade quickly and die a quiet death after this season ends. 
  3. Luke:
    Ha. If you think that's bad, you should watch the ones Missouri fans did: Really, no one will ever top the 'Stroh Center Rap', so everyone should just stop trying:
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