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[Update] JSU’s APR Penalty has turned out to be much more serious than originally reported. While the 4-year average is 889, “historic penalities” have resulted in Jacksonville State receiving a postseason ban from both the NCAA, and the OVC.

One of the major things to note is that the Gamecocks APR was dragged down by their “1st year” total, but was far from helped by their most recent score. Next season, the “1st year” number (769 as reported by the Anniston Star will no longer be used in the calculation of their APR score, meaning it’s likely this ban is just a one-year ban.

But this year’s sub-900 score of 889 (calculated based upon the 2010-11 season) will be used in the APR calculation for the next 3-years going forward, so while it’s likely the program won’t be punished next season, they’re far from in the clear.

In addition to the postseason ban, more punishments were added to the program:

  • Limited to 16 hours of in season athletically related activities per week with an additional required day off;
  • Limited to 4 hours of out of season athletically related activities per week;
  • Financial Aid Penalties, Limited to 11 scholarships
  • 10% reduction in contests and length of season (loss of 3 games)

Full text of press releases from the OVC and Jacksonville State press are below:

BRENTWOOD, Tenn. – On Wednesday the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) released Academic Progress Rate (APR) data for the 2010-11 academic year.

The APR provides a real-time measure of eligibility and retention of student-athletes competing on every Division I sports team. The APR awards are based on a two-point system – one point for academic eligibility and one point for academic retention. A team’s APR is the total points earned by the team at a given time divided by the total points possible, multiplied by 1,000. Multi-year APR includes four years of data (this year’s numbers included the academic years of 2007-08, 2008-09, 2009-10 and 2010-11).

The Jacksonville State men’s basketball team had a multi-year rate of 889 and was given a NCAA postseason competition ban for 2012-13 due to historic penalties.

Article 4.3.4 of the OVC Constitution states “Member schools must meet the scheduling, minimum number of participants, grant-in-aid minimums and eligibility requirements of the NCAA and OVC in Conference championship sports. An institution shall not be considered eligible to compete for the Conference championship in a particular sport if an NCAA decision or policy renders the institution ineligible for an NCAA Championship in that sport.”



Jacksonville State University
Dr. William A. Meehan, President

“We are certainly disappointed with today’s announcement of our post-season ban in Men’s Basketball. We are taking significant steps to improve the academic success of our men’s basketball program with an APR Improvement Plan to ensure that we meet and exceed the NCAA’s APR standards in the future. The plan includes adding a new position to Coach Green’s staff that will direct Men’s Basketball operations, including student-athlete support services for members of the team. The new position will monitor increased hours of academic support activities and increased tutoring, as well as academic mentoring and senior mentoring. Funding for the school’s Academic Center for Excellence/Tutoring Services and for Summer School funding have each more than doubled since the 2007-08 academic year. Also, a new approval process for scholarship offers has been implemented, requiring a more strict review process before offering aid to student-athletes with lower grade point averages. Additionally, JSU now utilizes GradesFirst, a program that allows all of JSU’s athletic teams better tracking of study hall, tutoring and class attendance of its student-athletes.

“In Coach Green’s first season in 2008-09, Jacksonville State improved its APR score improve 171 points in one year to a 940. His second season saw the Gamecocks’ score climb more to an even more impressive 970 and counting the numbers released today, he has a combined three-year score of 935, well above the NCAA benchmark. Coach Green and the basketball program is still suffering from a four-year rolling score of 769 under a previous coach, but next year when that score rolls off we feel very confident that we will meet and exceed the NCAA’s APR standards.

“We have full confidence in the job that Coach Green is doing in our men’s basketball program. Coach Green has improved his program’s status in the classroom and on the floor, despite playing two of his first four seasons with less than the NCAA maximum of 13 scholarships. His four years have seen two trips to the OVC Tournament, including the program’s second conference tournament victory in 2011-12 over preseason favorite Austin Peay. The two postseason trips under Coach Green have doubled JSU’s total appearances in the tournament since joining the OVC in 2003-04.”

[Original Story] Due to this Jacksonville State will not be eligible to compete in the 2013 OVC Men’s Basketball Championship.

Academic Progress Rate (or APR) numbers are due out today…and on the basketball end, it means trouble for at least one program.

Jacksonville State’s average APR over the past 4 years will be just 889, below the NCAA’s 900 requirement. The reason? A 769 in the first year of the 4-year cycle used to calculate the average.

What does that mean for the Gamecocks? The good news is, they’ll still be eligible for postseason play. But there’s bad news as well. According to the Anniston Star:

“the program still will face serious penalties, including a 10-day reduction in its practice and playing season and the loss of three games.”

While that’s not dealbreaking, or a season ender by any stretch, it’s easy to see where this could come into play, especially with the loss of games. They will (obviously?) be non-conference games, leaving the team less prepared come conference season. And with only 8 of 12 teams making the OVC Tournament this season, getting off to a good start in OVC play is more important than ever.

They’ve known this was coming for some time. Today’s APR announcement isn’t based upon this past school year, but the year before, meaning Jacksonville State could have (and likely did) do the math a summer ago, to realize they would face some sort of punishment.

Next year, their APR should be much better, as that 769 becomes irrelevant to the 4-year average.

Based on some math I did back in October, UT Martin and Tennessee State’s basketball could be in for some problems as well, averaging an 875 and an 822 respectively over the past 2 years.  (But I did note in my original math that UT Martin’s 4-year average was high per last year’s numbers, so it appears they should be okay with a decent number this year.)

More on this as the numbers are released later today.

  1. JaxSigEp94:
    Excellent points in your article. I did not actually realize the disparity between APR scoring in basketball and football/baseball and the difference only one or two players could make. Doesn't make it any easier for a Jax State fan, but it dulls the sting a little.
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