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Jacksonville State appears to be getting desperate.

For years now, it’s been well known the the school has been looking at moving up into the FBS division. A few weeks ago, it came out that they were one of the teams that the Sun Belt talked to about expansion.

But at OVC Media Day, head coach Jack Crowe floated one of the oddest ideas yet.

Why not the WAC?

There was no wry smile on his face as he made the suggesting. No subtle undertone of sarcasm. He looked a group of reporters, with tape recorders in their hand, and seriously suggested that the school could possibly join the WAC.

…and he was not immediately stuck down by lightning.

According to Crowe, the WAC, which has been decimated in the recent wave of conference realignment, could be looking for “5 or 6” schools to move up from the FBS division. Crowe then added that the school had “sent a letter” to mention their possible interest in the move.

Jacksonville State does realize the W in WAC stands for “Western,” right? As in the Western United States, a portion of the U.S. that by almost no sane measure includes Jacksonville, Alabama.

Crowe did mention there’s been no discussion from the conference, or even that the school would move if offered.

But this can’t be a serious plan, right? Staying in the OVC has to be preferable to the WAC for a team from Alabama, right?

Crowe had no problem stating that he felt the OVC was no longer a football conference (which it’s not) and for a school like Jacksonville State, that has to be a problem.

I stand by all my previous statements that the school’s time in the OVC is short lived.

But the WAC?

Just stop.

  1. You nailed it...desperation. The brass at JSU have been desperate to move to an FBS conference for several years now. Part of this, in my opinion, has to do with what I call Troy-envy. Long ago, JSU-Troy were rivals the same way that Murray and WKU are in basketball. JSU dominated the series at the D-II level. Troy made the move up to I-AA and really surpassed JSU. By the time the Gamecocks made the move up, Troy was a premier football school in the Southland Conference and JSU was, by most accounts, bungling the transition. JSU has caught up in football, but certainly not in basketball. Believe it or not, JSU was a very good basketball school in D-II. Unfortunately, the improvement seen in football hasn't translated in basketball. Pete Matthews Coliseum, a good D-II facility, is an embarrassment at the D-I level. At this point, it seems JSU will do anything to move up to FBS (see joining the WAC). This is a mistake, in my opinion. JSU has accomplished very little in FCS. Two conference titles (I don't count last year's "shared" title). They have no postseason wins. Add in the APR debacles, and it's really not a great resume. Win a national championship, or heck, even a playoff game before making the move. Improve the basketball and baseball facilities. It will not get easier to do this things in the FBS.
  2. pigroasted:
    Even if they did, Crowe has a bad habit of losing to FBS schools, I bet he wouldnt schedule The Citadel. Poor taste for Crowe to even discuss it. imo
  3. jaxsigep94:
    For JSU fans, this is not exactly news. Its been discussed all summer, along with the likes of App State and Liberty. An empty FBS conference with no western FCS teams looking to move up, and eastern FCS teams with nowhere to go. The idea of an eastern division is not unrealistic. The name really has no bearing, just as Bosie State to the Big East, or, even now, JSU in the Ohio Valley. With that said, I really thought this was a dead and buried issue and I am somewhat surprised by Cap'n Jack's response. Personally, I really like the OVC and hope we are here for a while longer.
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