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When you’re desperate to find a significant other, you usually end up finding a person whose desperation is equal to your own, and start a relationship that’s doomed from the start.

That’s the best way in which I can describe the notion of Jacksonville State joining the WAC.

Jacksonville State is desperate to move up to the FBS division, and the WAC is desperate to just stay alive. So the WAC has decided to try and add an “Eastern Division” with FCS teams that want to move up, and create a “national” conference among the teams with the least amount of money to travel.

It makes almost no sense.

Yet it just keeps coming up.

The latest comes via a Wikipedia edit that has since been deleted. In fact, the edit has been made twice, and deleted twice. The edit? According to the Anniston Star:

An item within the Wikipedia page devoted to the WAC reported the conference would make an announcement Aug. 13 of an agreement with JSU and five other current Football Championship Subdivision schools in the South and East to join the league in 2014.

Obviously, being that anyone can edit a Wikipedia page, and that it’s been deleted twice, the source is beyond sketchy, and in no way do I expect an announcement this coming Monday.

The Star contacted both Jacksonville State president Bill Meehan and acting WAC commissioner Jeff Hurd, and say both shot down the report Thursday.

In fact, both did so rather vehemently.

“I’m sitting here with (athletics director) Warren Koegel and … none of us have heard anything about this,” Meehan said

Hurd had a similar response.

“I have not seen it and quite frankly it’s simply not true.

But that’s not what’s newsworthy from the article. This is:

A source told The Star Thursday the WAC conversation would be revisited in January.

Unnamed source aside, the fact that this is an actual discussion being had is mind blowing. A national WAC conference will not work. I don’t think a national SEC would work: location is important not just for travel, but for rivalry as well, for getting fans in the stands. And any conference with 5 teams making the FCS to FBS transition at the same time…is essentially a FCS conference. How many bowl teams will the conference field? 1?

Is the idea here, get a foot in, and when the WAC inevitably folds, maybe you can get into another conference? I just don’t get it.

Jacksonville State has been unhappy (or at least discontent) in the OVC for some time, and they’re kind of an odd fit anyway. I completely understand why the school is looking for greener pastures, I’m just in no way convinced that the WAC is actually greener for more than a few years, if that long.

To the school’s leaders, you desperation is showing. You’re starting to be that person in the bar clearly trying too hard to pick up someone, that everyone secretly wants to avoid.

You’ll get that FBS conference eventually. Just make sure it’s a good fit for a long time.

  1. cleburneslim:
    are you dim witted a national conference filled with eastern schools is easily doable isnt that exactly what cusa and mwc talking about half the summer were you then telling them it made no sense the only thing in my opinion that makes no sense is you.
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