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The Zay Jackson case has taken yet another twist. And it’s odd, given it’s timing.

WPSD Local 6 is reporting that the judge in the case, Calloway County Chief Circuit Judge Dennis Foust, has recused himself from Jackson’s case.

Today. The day Jackson’s sentence was supposed to become official.

Judge Foust made the announcement, saying he wants everyone to have “confidence in the court system.”

A chief regional judge will now preside over the case, which will resume November 13.

Last week, Judge Foust had asked for a meeting with the Commonwealth Attorney, signaling concerns about the anger management program for Jackson. But there was no indication of a possible change in jail time, or a change in judge.

With a plea deal in place, and Jackson already serving his 30 days on weekends, I would be surprised if anything changed under a new judge.

Except we now don’t know for sure for another 3 weeks.

  1. This has already got way too much attention on this website. Had this been a player from any other university it would not have so much attention. It's newsworthy, but causes a black eye not only for Murray State but the whole conference when the biggest story is when an athlete performs a hit-and-run. Come on people, let's not be That conference.
  2. ovcball:
    Sorry Chris, I will continue covering the court case until it's completion. It's the same I would do with any athlete that committed a felony. It has a major impact on the school, the program, and even the conference. I know it's unpleasant, and that many people wish it would go away so we can focus on the pleasant things about the college basketball season's arrival, but it's not, and neither is our coverage. Again, sorry.
  3. Chris if this had happened at any other school, he would of been expelled from school. Sorry Murray State endorses this behavior. Blame the school for extending this coverage and not any media source.
  4. I agree Bret. Morehead State kicked off starting point guard Lamont Austin hours before the OVC tournament last year for a DUI. He was a crucial part of the team and I believe would of lead the Eagles to their fourth straight OVC Championship. Considering, how close they played TSU with a freshman PG. But that is neither here nor there. I know its news worthy for a typical new station though.
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