Morehead State head coach Sean Woods

[Update] Monday Afternoon, Woods backpeddled somewhat from his original comments, saying via Twitter saying he never meant to insult anyone at his alma mater. He said he has respect for what UK coach John Calipari has done with the program


[Original Story] Morehead State Sean Woods is bring his new team back to his alma mater, and he has some harsh words for the current players at his former program.

Woods says he met some of this year’s team at a WKYT telethon, and says he didn’t like “the vibe” and sense of entitlement. According to the Courier-Journal:

“These kids don’t know anything,” the Indianapolis native said. “I’ll bet you any type of money that besides the kids from Kentucky that are on UK’s team, they couldn’t tell you anything about one player in the history of Kentucky basketball. When I walked in the door (as a UK freshman) I knew about every player.”

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  1. Sean obviously doesn't know the kids that well, but it's probably a safe bet to assume they're entitled because, let's face it, most kids are. No longer do teams recruit from surrounding areas, there just isn't going to be that connection to the university anymore. Talent wins out, and a lot of these kids see (UK especially) college ball as a means to an end (NBA).
  2. A kid on UK didn't know who Christian Laettner was. I think it's safe to say Woods' assessment was pretty acurate.
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