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It wasn’t a good night for the SIU Edwardsville Cougars. Not only did they lose at home to Southern Illinois, the Cougars had six players ejected (and a fan, somehow) after a scuffle (I’d stop short of calling it a fight) during the second half.

Suspensions are very likely coming for all six players, especially for Jerome Jones, who appeared to throw the elbow while on the ground that instigated the event.

Here’s the description of the event from the SIU Edwardsville SID staff:

“The Salukis led 62-47 when Kris Davis‘ three-point attempt from the right corner glanced off the back of the rim. Jerome Jones appeared to pull down the rebound, but the ball came loose, Jones and SIUC’s Antonio Bryer went to the floor after the loose ball. An altercation ensued directly in front of the Cougars’ bench. Following a 20-minute delay seven players had been ejected. Six of them were SIUE players. Jones and Bryer were each ejected for flagrant fouls as was SIUE’s Ray Lester who went to the floor following Jones and Bryer. The other four Cougars were ejected for leaving the bench during the altercation.”

In the post game press conference, head coach Lennox Forrester didn’t appear overly concerned, saying about the scuffle, “Our guys wanted to win, but you have to be able to compete and also keep your cool.”

  1. Few thoughts on the night. Davis has a nice move to the lane but seems like he can never hit the short touch shot. I noticed it tonight and the mizzou game. He needs to get that shot down. With the whole "fight" thing, the 4 guys coming off the bench really didn't do anything so their suspensions should only happen if they are mandated by the off the bench during a fight clause. Lennox acted like it might not come into play on this. We will see. SIUc had a bunch of guys come off the bench almost to half court as well but they weren't on video so they weren't ejected. It is hard to stay on your bench when the fight is right in front of you and you want to help your teammates. Doesn't make it right but I can see the instant reaction thing. Jones and Lester who knows what they get. I wouldn't think much but a couple games at least. The next two games we SHOULD win either way but it won't help things. Jones needs to get his head on straight. He didn't start tonight because of problems and now this. He was jawing the other team all night and just seemed to have a bad attitude. He is throwing his senior year down the drain. Good things. Schaffer played well. Rebounding is still better than last year. Seems like they aren't taking as many 3's as last year (althought tonight they weren't making any). That is all for my rant for tonight.
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Jacksonville State 7-0 10-2
UT Martin 6-2 7-5
Tennessee Tech 5-3 5-6
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Murray State 4-4 4-7
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