On 4th down, there are usually a couple options. You can punt, you can fake punt, or you can run a play.

Apparently they’re room to combine two of those. Behold, the “punt pass,” executed to…perfection? I dare say you probably won’t see that again.

Up 42-24, but facing a fourth and four, EKU kicker Jourdan¬†Berry kicked the ball to wideout Trey Thomas behind the line of scrimmage. (That’s why it’s not just a downed punt)¬†Thomas then dove past the first down marker.

It doesn’t look like a broken play, or just a bad punt. A screen is set, and the receiver looks clearly ready for it. Kudos to Eastern Kentucky for even coming up with, and having the courage to try such an idea. Even more kudos for making it work.

Of course, Morehead State fans might note that EKU was up 18 in the fourth quarter, and pulling a ridiculous play against a non-scholarship football program. But I say it’s awesomeness overwhelms it’s crassness.

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  1. Chris:
    Its not a rugby kick, its an Aussie rules drop punt! Great stuff Jordan!
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