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It’s weird when I think about it: OVC Ball has been around for three complete seasons, and part of a fourth. I’ve said it before — but I never imagined when I started this site that anyone would read, much less that I would get hooked on running it for years on end. But, it’s been a fun ride.

I guess I might as well stick around for at least one more.

After much thought, I’ve decided to keep this site alive for at least another season. While I live slightly outside the footprint of the Ohio Valley Conference, I think there’s still a way for me to provide coverage of the OVC, albeit in a much different fashion. I won’t be able to tell the same stories I’ve told in past years, but there are still plenty of good stories to tell from an outside point of view.

…and let’s be honest, I’m going to need something to do when it starts to snow.

This year’s focus will be heavily on statistics, which will feel familiar to our coverage in the past. I don’t know how frequent the posts will be, but we’ll try to post something daily once we near the season.

We’ll also start posting season previews soon, once I finish catching up on the summer that was. (Apparently there are a few new coaches, for starters)

I won’t be able to tell the same stories I’ve told in past years, but there are still plenty of good stories to tell.

Will this be the last year for OVC Ball? To be honest, it’s probably coming sooner rather than later. While I’m not making any plans or commitments past this current season, I’ve always said that I’d stop doing this when it stopped being fun, and we’re not there yet.

This year will also probably focus more on social media — and less on maintaining a website. So, if you haven’t followed me on facebook or twitter, now would be a great time to do so.

For those that have stuck around for the past several years, as always thanks for reading. For those who hate read the site — thanks to you too.

And coaches, thanks to you as well. Because for reasons I’ve yet to understand, you continue to put up with me. Some of you even take my calls.

Here’s to year number five!


p.s. If anyone is going to be near Nashville in late October, I’ll pay you $5 to bring “me” to OVC Media Day on a phone with Skype. Anyone? I’m 100% sure this is okay with the league. Totally haven’t asked, but pretty, mostly certain. And coaches will love you for it too. Totally. If you don’t have Skype, you can draw my face on a sheet of paper and hold it up in front of a regular phone. Either way.

  1. Tom:
    You've started something that can't be allowed to fizzle. Can't we add some "stringers" to help you acquire material? Offer positions as good internship opportunities for OVC students. We've really enjoyed your coverage and insight - and would hate to see OVC Ball diminish....much less...dissapear.
OVC Ball
Final Word (11/13): Jacksonville State stands alone…in basketball too.

2017-18 Basketball Standings

OVC Overall
Jacksonville State 0-0 2-0
Tennessee Tech 0-0 1-1
Murray State 0-0 1-1
Southeast Missouri* 0-0 1-1
Belmont 0-0 1-1
Eastern Kentucky 0-0 1-1
Tennessee State 0-0 1-1
Eastern Illinois 0-0 0-1
SIUE 0-0 0-1
Austin Peay 0-0 0-2
Morehead State 0-0 0-2
UT Martin 0-0 0-2

*Ineligible for postseason (APR)