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Your votes will determine my preseason OVC basketball ballots for both men’s and women’s basketball.

You can vote below. Voting closes at Noon ET, Wednesday October 12th. I’ll update the standings here!

Here’s the Day 3 Update:

MEN’S EAST (Average Rank)

  1. Belmont (1.99)
  2. Tennessee State (2.96)
  3. Morehead State (2.97)
  4. Eastern Kentucky (3.63)
  5. Tennessee Tech (4.05)
  6. Jacksonville State (4.96)

MEN’S WEST (Average Rank)

  1. Murray State (1.7)
  2. UT Martin (3.32)
  3. Austin Peay (3.33)
  4. Eastern Illinois (3.59)
  5. SIUE (4.26)
  6. Southeast Missouri (4.44)

MEN’S CHAMPION (Percentage)

  1. Murray State (42%)
  2. Belmont (33%)
  3. Southeast Missouri (7%)
  4. UT Martin (7%)
  5. Austin Peay (4%)
    Jacksonville State (4%)
    Morehead State (4%)


  • Josh Robinson (Austin Peay)
  • Antonius Cleveland (Southeast Missouri)
  • Evan Bradds (Belmont) — LEADING
  • Jacolby Mobley (UT Martin)
  • Gee McGhee (Murray State)
  • Bryce Jones (Murray State)
  • Jonathan Stark (Murray State)
  • D’Quan Applewhite (SIUE)
  • Nick Mayo (Eastern Kentucky)
  • Jared Savage (Austin Peay)
  • Fatodd Lewis (UT Martin)
  • Demarcus Croaker (Murray State)


  1. UT Martin (3.60)
  2. Belmont (4.67)
  3. Eastern Kentucky (6.02)
  4. SIUE (6.04)
  5. Murray State (6.38)
  6. Austin Peay (6.47)
  7. Tennessee State (6.67)
  8. Southeast Missouri (6.92)
  9. Tennessee Tech (7.15)
  10. Jacksonville State (7.75)
  11. Morehead State (7.94)
  12. Eastern Illinois (8.04)

WOMEN’S PRESEASON PLAYER OF THE YEAR (School — No particular order)

  • Briana Mitchell (Southeast Missouri)
  • Darby Maggard (Belmont)
  • Ke’Shunan James (Murray State) — LEADING
  • Sally McCabe (Belmont)

  1. Shawn Flaugher:
    Evan Bradds OVC player of the year.
    • Catlin Bogard:
      I'd be pretty shocked, tbh, if he wasn't named preseason player of the year.
  2. Jeff Smith:
    If you haven't seen newly eligible transfer to Murray State J Starks play yet, then you haven't seen the next OVC POY. People are sleeping on this Racer club and have no idea just how special and talented they will be. The talented newcomers have melded quickly with the returners. I've watched Murray bball for 30 years and I've never been THIS excited for a season. Look out and remember I told you so in October.
  3. Anonymous:
    Josh Robinson will surprise alot of people this year. I'm going leave it as that. The kid is a prolific scorer and can handle the rock very well. His confidence is back and watching him train I have no doubt he will be a problem for every team he goes up against in 2016 & 2017
    • Catlin Bogard:
      Is he staying at the point this year? That seemed to be a great change for the Govs' last year when they moved him to the one.
      • Anonymous:
        They will be a fool to move him without giving him a chance to start the 2016 & 2017 season... Unless they recruited a better ball handler and better court skills ... Just remember my statement, he is going to surprise a lot of people this year...
  4. RickW:
    Let me see. The east has arguably 4 of the best 5 teams in the OVC. But on your poll for player of the year you have 4 Murray State players, 2 APSU players and 2 UTM players while you have 1 Belmont player, 1 EKU player, 0 Morehead players and 0 TSU players. Typical Murray State view of the OVC.
OVC Ball
Final Word (11/13): Jacksonville State stands alone…in basketball too.

2017-18 Basketball Standings

OVC Overall
Jacksonville State 0-0 2-0
Tennessee Tech 0-0 1-1
Murray State 0-0 1-1
Southeast Missouri* 0-0 1-1
Belmont 0-0 1-1
Eastern Kentucky 0-0 1-1
Tennessee State 0-0 1-1
Eastern Illinois 0-0 0-1
SIUE 0-0 0-1
Austin Peay 0-0 0-2
Morehead State 0-0 0-2
UT Martin 0-0 0-2

*Ineligible for postseason (APR)